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Policy Initiatives

Child Sex Trafficking Screening & Services Act of 2019 

Written Testimony– SB688/HB827

Sponsors: Senator Susan Lee and Delegate Brooke Lierman

Status: PASSED

  • Creates a Regional Navigator program which ensures that every sex trafficked individual aged under 25 will have access to immediate and local specialized services
  • Requires law enforcement and the Departments of Social Services to refer cases of sex trafficking to a Regional Navigator.
  • Requires children involved with the Department of Social Services to be screened for sex trafficking.


 Anti-Exploitation Act of 2019

Written Testimony – SB690/HB734

Sponsors: Senator Susan Lee and Delegate Wanika Fisher

Status: PASSED

  • Criminalizes labor trafficking based on the collective experiences of other states and federal law.
  • Resembles the Maryland sex trafficking statute by making labor trafficking a felony with a 25-year maximum penalty.
  • Grants concurrent jurisdiction to the Attorney General, who will be able to independently investigate and prosecute labor trafficking.


Criminal Law – Human Trafficking & Prostitution Offenses 2019

Written Testimony – SB689/HB871

Sponsors: Senator Susan Lee and Delegate Jesse Pippy

Status: PASSED

  • Moves sex trafficking from the prostitution section of the code the crimes against a person section – further pushing the shift away from thinking that sex trafficking is just prostitution.
  • Makes human trafficking a crime of violence, which extends the period before which a person is eligible for parole.
  • Fixes several sections of the code to ensure that the definition of sex trafficking laws are clear and able to be enforced.